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The changing world of mobile shopping

Our lives are mobile. And they will become even more so in the months and years to come. Mobile commerce doesn't just enable new opportunities to promote, merchandise and market to your customers, it offers an ever fresh and exciting way tool for engagement, interaction and feedback.

Comprehensive Mobile commerce solutions

That's why, from Mobile ticketing, vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards; Content purchase and delivery; location-based services; Mobile banking and brokerage; and mobile marketing and advertising; iDigitalise is committed to providing a comprehensive range of consulting, software and computer systems for mobile e-commerce platforms, across all mobile platforms and devices.

We're leading the way in providing integrated Mobile Commerce and combining mobile marketing strategies that are scalable and robust. Be it entry point mobile presence, to fully functional mobile websites with fully customised API integration.

iDigitalise's key mobile commerce solutions focus to deliver:

  • Strategic mobile marketing using SMS/MMS and geo-location
  • A unique optimised shopping and customer engagement experiences
  • Continual engagement and connection with the customer
We'll provide your business, brand or organisation with all the tools and services it needs to distribute and sell its products and services over the internet and mobile internet - for all digital goods including games, video, ringtones, wallpapers and applications, that are downloaded to mobile devices.


  • 64% of smartphone owners are now using their mobile devices to shop online (Source: eDigitalResearch and Portaltech Reply, 2004 - 2013)
  • Mobile coupons are most popular at grocery stores, (41% of mobile shoppers said they used coupons there), department stores (41%), and clothing stores (39%). At lectronics stores, the majority (73%) read reviews, compare prices (71%), and scan QR codes (57%) (Source: Nielsen, 2004 - 2013)
  • 66% of US smartphone owners use their phone to aid in shopping (Source: Leo J. Shapiro and Associates, 2004 - 2013)
  • 62% of smartphone users said they have purchased physical goods from their mobile devices in the last six months (So urce: Adobe Survey, 2011)
  • By 2015, it is predicted that mobile shopping will account for $163 billion in sales worldwide, 12% of global ecommerce turnover(Source: ABI Research, 2010)

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